North Arrow Appoints Blair Murdoch To Board Of Directors And Retains Windward Agency For Investor Relations

September 3, 2009

North Arrow Minerals Inc. (NAR: TSXV) ("North Arrow" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that Blair Murdoch has been appointed to the Board of Directors, increasing the number of directors to five. Mr. Murdoch has 30 years experience in senior management in both private and public companies, with expertise encompassing sales, marketing and finance. Mr. Murdoch is the Chairman of Option-NFA Inc. (OPN.H), a company traded on the TSX Venture Exchange and he holds a B.Sc. (Mathematics) from the University of British Columbia. Mr. Murdoch will be an independent member of the Board, increasing the number of independent directors to two.

Pursuant to North Arrow's Stock Option Plan, the Company has granted 200,000 incentive stock options to Mr. Murdoch. The stock options are exercisable to acquire one common share of North Arrow at $0.30 per share and can be exercised until September 2, 2014.

In addition, North Arrow is pleased to announce that effective September 3, 2009 and subject to regulatory approval, it has retained the services of The Windward Agency, of Charlotte, North Carolina. Windward, founded by its principal, Kelly Boatright, will provide assistance with North Arrow's Investor Relations and Public Relations efforts. Windward has served the natural resource sectors for more than two decades and maintains a strong presence in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Windward will receive a monthly retainer of US$4,000, plus approved expenses. The initial billing will contain an initial startup fee of US$1,500. The agreement will progress on a monthly basis, renewing automatically, and may be terminated by either party by two-week written notice. Windward does not engage in market making activities and will restrict its services to public relations and investor relations counselling.

Windward maintains an extensive network of representatives and account service specialists in Toronto, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, London, England and Zurich, Switzerland. In addition to organizing broker road shows, Windward will also manage press release dissemination, assist in the design of marketing materials, and miscellaneous tasks related to North Arrow's investor relations and public relations programs.

North Arrow Minerals Inc.

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